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Awesome Webinars


The process is very simple. Please share some information about yourself and the topic for the webinar via the form shared below. After submission, you will receive a link to confirm your availability for further discussion and scheduling the webinar.

Some of the Key Points to keep in mind, before you express your interest for co-hosting the webinar are listed below: 

  1. The webinar should be designed 100% for educational purpose, not for any promotion of your product or service. Yes, surely you can talk about your product/service, but it should not be a sales pitch.
  2. The webinar must be free. You can not charge for the webinar.
  3. Peergrowth Technologies LLP, reserves all the right of the contents but you also have the complete right to co-brand the content and use it as per your requirement(both personal & commercial purposes). We also reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish webinar/video based on the content and quality of the video/audio. 

Please share the following information